#presspause #5G - halt the roll out of 5G TECHNOLOGY in Auckland

#presspause #5G - halt the roll out of 5G TECHNOLOGY in Auckland

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#presspause #5G

We, the concerned people of Auckland, Tamaki Makaurau, are asking for an IMMEDIATE invoking of the Precautionary Principle, and demand an IMMEDIATE cessation of the 5G roll out in Auckland - the main city and it's wider regional boundaries.

5G has not been adequately tested to ensure that it is of benefit to the health and wellbeing of Auckland's people, or it's environment.

The evidence is overwhelmingly against 5G currently, and shows with absolute scientific proof it's deadly and destructive nature towards humans, especially our CHILDREN and our ENVIRONMENT.

We, the people of Auckland, demand an IMMEDIATE halt on the installation of any of the 5G apparatus near any of our dwellings, schools, workplaces or social space until it can be proven unequivocally that it is safe.

For the sake of us, our families and our beautiful Planet.

Thank you in advance.