Don't send christopher seidel to prison for trying to feed his children

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My name is Mindilyn Seidel I am writing to you to ask for help or support.
My husband Christopher Seidel was arrest for trying to feed his family (his two children and me). Do to bad weather and lack of work we were running very low on food. so my husband went and got a landowners deer tag and borrowed a gun cause we didn't not own one. he went hunting on his families land down the road from our house he did not shot or even see a deer so he decided to return home via the road while walk a conservation officer stopped him and arrested him. 
Reasons one: they said that he couldn't leave the land with the rifle he was carrying his tag didn't cover that.( but he was not hunting he was going home for the day I don't know how he was to get the gun home legally if this is truly the law .) This charge not the problem I just wanted you to know the whole story.

Reason two: possession of a firearm by a felon the real problem Chris was convicted of a felony drug charge in 2004 he served his time completed all programs and quit using drugs and became a responsible adult. When he went and got his tag he thought since the state of Missouri gave him a firearms deer tag he was ok to use it if it was against the law they wouldn't give him one, he was wrong now he is facing 2-15 yrs in prison cause he wanted to feed his kids (decrease in available work so he turned to the land like any country man).

I think this is wrong that the law is making him a criminal all over again when he really didn't do anything wrong. Why cant he use a gun in the proper manner his charges was ten years ago, he is not the same man he was then even he was never violent.
How can a man change and become a proper citizen when he tries he still goes to jail? His work has slowed down so loss of pay he turned to the land to provide for us, I praise him for that rather then going back to his past mistakes. Why would this state, county or country punish him for doing the right thing? I really am puzzled with this entire situation at hand. So I am asking for everybody help and support in this matter I don't know what to do so if any one has any ideas that might steer me in the right direction please let me know thank you for reading this if you support this please share this with all your friend if enough people read this maybe something good might come of it.

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