Stop Gospel Singer Kim Burrell's performance on The Ellen Show

This petition made change with 6,011 supporters! Dear Pharrell Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, The Ellen DeGeneres Show:  Please DO NOT allow gospel singer Kim Burrell to perform with you on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on January 5th promoting the Hidden Figures movie after her rant from the pulpit December 30th (since removed yet captured by shocked fans and reposted) where she called gays "perverted" and essentially condemned gays to death in 2017. I quote from the now viral sermon, "That sin nature, that perverted homosexual spirit is the spirit of delusion and confusion and it has cast a stain on the body of Christ." 

This type of promoted rhetoric is dangerous - especially to young LGBT people who love and support Pharrell, The Ellen Show and those who have been inspired by the movie Hidden Figures that carries a message of affirming ones ability and merit, not bashing and diminishing humans based on gender (or race, or sexuality and more).  Please stop Kim Burrell & teach her and others like her who hate, a powerful lesson in 2017 - that this type of speech & loathing must stop.  It is killing LGBT people and has for decades.  We, as a unified community of humans must stand together to support LGBT people's freedom to BE!  Help to send a life-saving message to LGBT people that We must not support artists, singers, churches and efforts that do not support Us.  And LGBT allies must stand with the Community to help affirm this powerful life lesson for Us.  Please stand firm on this Pharrell Williams and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  If the show has been pre-recorded in advance, we ask that her performance with Pharrell NOT AIR!  Please don't allow this type of person to be promoted on such an LGBT affirming platform.  #ISeeAVictory in stopping her and sending a strong, powerful message of love and support to LGBT people.  We also ask that Pharrell and Hidden Figures movie stop ALL promotion that includes gospel singer Kim Burrell who clearly detests LGBT people; one who'd speak so clearly to diminish Our right and freedom to live and thrive in 2017 and who has since defended her statements captured in the hateful video.   Let's STOP HER and this type of HATE together! 

My name is Anthony Antoine.  I am an activist and a proud member of the LGBT Community.  I have a strong relationship with God in spite of experiencing this type of hate rhetoric my entire life.  I'm also a lover of music - especially gospel music however, I will not support artists that do not support me or the LGBT Community.  I'm also a proud featured writer in the It Gets Better book and campaign that Ellen DeGeneres also shares a feature. 

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