Lower Insulin Costs

Lower Insulin Costs

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I’ve questioned so many times “why me?” in regards to having Type 1 Diabetes. After losing health insurance recently and having to pay out of pocket, I get it. One goal of insulin costs $300. One bottle. $300. That’s insane!!!! A life sustaining medication should NOT be that costly. For anyone, anywhere. And that’s just the insulin.

I’m going to start a petition to demand that pharmaceutical’s lower the cost. Then I’m going to meet with the JDRF people in hopes of going to Washington. My goal? Go to Washington, DC. Use my voice, share my story. Have changes made, for all Diabetics.

For Diabetics, this is not a choice. We HAVE to have this to survive.

Insulin is a life-sustaining medication. Insulin dependent Diabetics must take insulin to live. There is no choice in this. We have to maintain a constant amount of insulin in our bodies to live. Without insulin, Diabetics will die. There is no other option but to take insulin.

I recently had to purchase a vial of insulin for $300. That will last me a week, maybe. There are no generics for any insulin. Pharmaceutical companies need to lower the price or release the patent to allow for generics. And that price is JUST for a vial of insulin. Then there are the supplies that are needed. 

No life-sustaining medication should be this costly. Ever. Our lives depend on this. We cannot live without it. Please, help me bring attention to this and make changes!