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Give ALL New Zealand Diabetics funding for Reliable Blood Glucose Meters!

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Pharmac are taking away the choices of people with Diabetes and other conditions requiring insulin yet again with this latest decision which will take away funding for all Blood Glucose meters expect 1 brand which is Caresens. This includes people who have been given permission to have their old reliable meters funded as it connects to their pump. They are also taking away the ketone testing meters and replacing them with a caresens branded one.

I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 11 years I have to constantly test my blood sugar and inject myself with lifesaving Medication. The Meters that have been chosen to be funded by Pharmac do not work. Their results are unreliable and my family and I have been forced to fund our own meter as I do not trust the CareSens one. I am just 1 of thousands and thousands of  Diabetics in New Zealand who are in this position. I am lucky that my family can afford to fund a meter that is reliable because there are so many that are unable to fund their own meter and they could become seriously ill because the meters funded by Pharmac are not reliable and do not accurately reflect our blood glucose level.

Pharmac, we want the freedom to choose the meter that works for us, that suits our needs, at the very least we want a funded meter that is constantly reliable. We fight so many battles every single day and this is one we shouldn't have to fight. So please if you're reading this, make a change, come to the realisation that not everything is about money, Type 1 diabetics are important too. I may just be one 16 year old but it only takes 1 person to make a change, to speak out about an issue that shouldn't be an issue. This is also a problem for many people who do not have T1D but also T2D, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes during Pregnancy and people who need insulin for other reasons also. I want to be clear I am petitioning for everyone who requires insulin to have funded meters that actually work. 

It takes a few clicks to sign and a few clicks to share on Facebook. The more people we can get this out too, the more awareness we make. Thank you again x

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