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As part of our Social Studies Internal for making a policy change, we've decided to focus on an issue that is close to our friends family's heart that has encouraged hundreds of us to support them.

Cancer drugs such as Avastin are unfunded due to its 10% success rate for patients. But in Denise Goodyer's case, it had shrunk her tumour by 90% after 12 weeks of trialling. The family has paid for a lifetime supply of the drug, costing over $20,000. However, the administration through a private system is costing an additional $2,600 a fortnight to be administered, which is a cost that many other patients in similar positions can not pay for. (For more information and ways to help their family, here is the link to their Give A Little Page

We want to make a policy change in which the drugs which have already been paid for a lifetime supply of, it's administration will be funded by the Ministry of Health. We believe that there should not be a cost for improving and extending someone's life, hence why we need your help to make this change! 

Under ‘Part 8 - Funding Expections’ ( wish to add another policy/schedule stating: “In a specific patients case, the administration of a drug that has already been paid for a lifetime supply of, will be funded by PHARMAC, if that drug was proven to have positive effects on the patient.”