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Pfizer: stop ignoring our loved ones' deaths - urgently put on-the-box warning labels on anti-smoking drug Champix

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His death still hurts so deep. After taking the anti-smoking drug marketed as “Champix” for just 8 days, my beautiful boy hung himself. But despite reports of 25 suicides linked to Champix in seven years – there still aren’t proper side-effect warnings. 

My boy was just 22 years old. He left a message I still play to remind myself of him: “Mum, I’m sorry… I’m just going crazy”. But it haunts me to know that his death is just one of many after use of Champix, and they're still happening because there's little warning.

If I knew of the dangerous health side-effects possible with Champix, I never would have allowed him to keep taking it. But we were never told by the doctor, or on the packaging. We assumed it was safe. 

But in the US, Pfizer have the highest level of "black-box" warning on Champix, and have settled multi-million dollar court cases. 

It's just unbelievable that overseas they acknowledge the risk and acted, but in Australia nothing is happening. I've heard this drug helps a lot of people quit smoking. Tens of thousands of Australians are prescribed this every year - for me that makes it even more important we act quickly.

A warning label could have saved Timothy's life, and stopped the living hell that I am in now without my boy. It might have stopped the 286 people reported in The West Australian to have attempted suicide or had suicidal thoughts using this drug. 

Please sign my petition asking for Pfizer and the Health Minister Sussan Ley to urgently put on-the-box warnings on Champix that match their US safety labels – and to direct doctors prescribing the drug to warn families of the side-effects. 

Nothing will bring back my boy. But please help me ensure no one else lives through this devastation when clear warnings might save them.

Thank you.

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