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Tell PetSmart to Stop the Unethical Treatment of Fish

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Almost everyone is familiar with PetSmart - the happy place that gives pets to the whole world and sells all kinds of pet food and loves puppies! Right? Unfortunately, the truth is a lot worse, for us and especially for the animals involved. No animal lives a happy life in the pet trade business, but let's focus for now on the one group that suffers the most - the fish. 

How many times have I heard, "Fish are so stupid. They die instantly!" in my life? The reason most people find themselves spending twenty dollars on an animal that dies within the week is not because fish are weak, or dumb - it's because they're being cared for improperly. 

PetSmart doesn't take perfect care of their fish in the stores, that much is clear from looking at the two or three dead fish in each tank. But at least they have filters and clean glass and proper food. If they didn't, their fish stock would be dead in two days, just like their customer's fish. But PetSmart employees have no reluctance handing over a bag of five goldfish to people who will put the fish in a tiny fish bowl and watch the fish die two days later. 

PetSmart wants to sell fish. That is their top priority - making money. What should be their top priority is the welfare of their animals, but PetSmart will willingly sell a fish to someone they know will mistreat it, as long as they get paid. PetSmart is afraid that if they tell people what hard work fish keeping really is, they'll lose customers. So they allow customers to buy fish thinking they can stick them in any small bowl as long as it has water in it.

This petition is asking PetSmart to educate their fish customers on the real needs of fish, from life span to the nitrogen cycle. Fish are living creatures who deserve proper care. Their lives are in the hands of PetSmart, so we ask PetSmart to do the minimum effort and inform the public of the basic needs of fish, including water quality, tank size, ammonia levels, cleaning schedules, and compatibility with other fish. 

We, as humans who decided to conquer all other living things and take them into our responsibility, are the voice for the voiceless. We stand up against unethical treatment of animals. Boycott PetSmart and help give fish the long, healthy lives they deserve.




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