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Stop the sales of sick and inhumanly treated animals

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This petition is to have petsmart stop the sales of small animals such as Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Reptiles etc. 

Over the past two months I have acquired 6 Guinea Pigs from different petsmart's who have all come with It URI's (Upper Respiratory infections) and eye problems (Crusting around the eyes, Watery eyes etc)  I have been sold one Guinea Pig that was supposed to be a male, but was in fact a female at an all male store.  This poor little one passed away from fluid in the abdomen after only having her for little over a month. The other 5 have been treated for initial problems though one male from the petsmart located in Springfield, OH has a mass growing on its lower lip and under it's jaw.  There only response has been you should have returned the pet under our 14 day return policy though since it is outside that window we are unable to do anything. I have had a store manager admit this is a common problem she has seen with their small animals and she has told me it's how they are shipped in packed containers at a time.

If you have shopped at petsmart and purchased a pet of any kind that has come from a store sick, had a life threatening illness shortly after purchasing or at worst passed away, I urge you to join this and ask petsmart to stop selling small animals to consumers as selling unhealthy animals is a common problem for them.

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