Call on PetSmart to stop selling animals

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I live in Columbia, South Carolina, where we recently experienced historic flooding. During that flooding, a local PetSmart left most of its live animals in the store, only evacuating the dogs and cats they had up for adoption. 25 small animals died at the store because they were not a part of PetSmart's evacuation plan.

This incident in my hometown was upsetting, and I wanted to do something. Not only were the animals at this store not treated right in an emergency situation, PetSmart has no ability to monitor how responsible its customers will be when they buy its live animals. The incident here in Columbia highlights that it is time for PetSmart to stop the sale of live animals.   

I’m asking PetSmart to stop treating animals like another product. Stop selling all live animals at your stores.

I know PetSmart does care about animals, and that’s why I believe it will do the right thing. PetSmart charities have found homes for over 6 million rescue animals since 1994, have donated tons of food to animals in need after natural disasters, and should be commended for not selling puppy mill puppies or rabbits. It is time for PetSmart to take the next step.

Animal sales represent less than 3% of PetSmart’s overall revenue. I know lots of people who would shop there more if it didn’t sell live animals. The sale of live animals alienates many potential customers and blemishes the good work they do. It's time for PetSmart to stop selling ALL animals.