Petition Closed
Petitioning Chairman of the Board of Directors - (623) 587-2177 Dr. Angel Cabrera and 2 others

PetSmart: STOP doing business with Michael Vick and offer help to rehome his dog.

We, the undersigned, petition PetSmart to discontinue any business with Michael Vick, an NFL player and convicted felon. It is fact that Mr. Vick killed dogs through hanging, elctrocution, throat slitting and other, torturous means. We believe those actions are diametrically opposed to PetSmart's Mission Statement of lifetime care. We also petition PetSmart to offer assistance to the Vick family in rehoming their current dog, a Belgian Malinois.

We, the undersigned, believe that, in the same way a convicted child molester is not allowed near children, so should Michael Vick not be near a dog, again.

As a company that provides services and goods to K9 Parents, PetSmart has the understood responsibility to advocate for the humane treatment of all animals and to hold up champions who demonstrate such treatment. Mr. Vick has not demonstrated such treatment in the past.

We, the undersigned, will not do business with PetSmart until a satisfactory, public response is made to our petition.

Letter to
Chairman of the Board of Directors - (623) 587-2177 Dr. Angel Cabrera
19601 North 27th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85027 - (623) 587-2177 Members of the Corporate Board of Directors, PetSmart
Mr. Robert Moran, Chief Executive Officer - (623) 587-2177 PetSmart, Inc.
Discontinue business with Michael Vick and offer help to rehome his dog.