Stop cruel animal treatment in Canadian pet stores.

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I am a former Petsmart employee. “Former” for a reason. 
The pet care standards for pet stores such as Petsmart are a disgrace. In Canada, we should expect more for the humane treatment of animals, especially ones we want to bring into our homes and have as life long friends. 

All the cats in store are from shelters. For this reason, we had no idea if we would be getting a sick, malnourished cat and if it could possible infect the other cats it was living in proximity to. Many of the smaller shelters we worked with don’t have many staff, so when we had a sick cat, it could take DAYS for someone to come pick the sick cat up and bring them to the vet. In the meantime, we had to try our best with our EXTREMELY LIMITED training to try and make a sick cat feel comfortable, cared for, and nourished while being kept in an unfamiliar, tiny cage.

The animals we carried that were being provided by Petsmart were not much of a better story. *graphic descriptions ahead* All too frequently the small enclosures would lead to rodent cannibalism, bird self mutilation, reptiles stunted growth, and fish overcrowding and therefor death. Since the “pet care” staff did not receive a great deal of training on actual animal care and majority of training time spent on customer service and how to sell product, many of the animals were left with too much/not enough food, insufficient humidity/heat source, overcrowded enclosures, that once again frequently lead to animal fatalities. If I had to give an educated approximation, I would say on average 2 animals per week are dying in this store. That does NOT include the hundreds of fish per month that get scooped up and put directly in the garbage can.

Now I understand this all seems a little outrageous, this is a huge corporation there’s no way they could be getting away with this, right? Well the sad fact of the matter is that our animal rights laws allow for this kind of treatment of animals in big box stores like this, and Petsmart follows the minimum standard requirements to allow them to sell animals in such mass amounts. That needs to stop now. 

Sign our petition today to help try and promote change in our animal rights laws, and to help stop stores like Petsmart from profiting off of the suffering of the animals we all know and love.