Replace Betta holding cups with 1 gallon tanks, inform buyers of proper Betta care

Replace Betta holding cups with 1 gallon tanks, inform buyers of proper Betta care

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Keeping Betta fish trapped inside tiny cups is cruel and inhumane. All living creatures deserve to live in adequate conditions, free from suffering at all times. Keeping fish in a cup doesn’t allow them to swim properly, and they can often be seen lying wilted on the bottom. These conditions affect the health of the Betta in many ways: increasing stress, lowering immunity, fin rot, loss of colour and often causing disease or premature death. In many cases, the poor Bettas die in their cups before they can be moved to a proper aquarium. When someone does take them home, they have brought home an animal that is likely sick and that will have a lower life expectancy.

As a lucrative establishment that is responsible for a large number of animals, PetSmart has an ethical obligation to keep all of them in proper conditions, including the Bettas. It is certainly within their power to install proper holding tanks, of a minimum of 1 gallon, with gravel and a plant. Many other pet stores use this system, and as a chain establishment, it’s disgraceful that PetSmart continues to be negligent. Click here to see an adequate pet store Betta set up.

PetSmart also needs to outline for customers the proper care guidelines for Betta fish. Many wonderful employees do make a point to inform buyers that Bettas require a minimum of 5 gallons and a filter and heater, but PetSmart as a company needs to create a mandatory policy with informative signage etc, to let people know that keeping a Betta Fish in a small bowl significantly reduces their quality of life and life expectancy. PetSmart needs to take action against the extremely common misconceptions the general public has about Betta Fish care, and informative signage as well as verbally reminding buyers about proper tank requirements would help change this problem. 

I will personally no longer shop at PetSmart until the conditions for Betta fish are corrected. I encourage you to reflect on these helpless, trapped animals, and make the decision to stop supporting this practice as well. 

To PetSmart, please do the right thing, and invest in a proper set up for your Betta fish.