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Recall Potentially Harmful Dog Treats from Petsmart Store Shelves!

It has recently come to the attention of many pet lovers and activists that they have been inadvertently feeding their dogs tainted and possibly dangerous dog treats. These treats have been making many dogs sick and even killing them. The FDA issued a statement regarding the safety of Chinese-made chicken jerky products for pets. Now, the warning has been expanded to other jerky pet treat products such as duck and sweet potato jerky treats.
Petsmart, Inc sells the brands Canyon Creek Ranch, Waggin Train and Milo’s Kitchen, which are all in question. Many dogs have become ill and even died as a result of being given these treats. The jerky is imported from China and has been the subject of scrutiny and investigation by the FDA. They have not made any mandatory recalls until they gather more evidence as to the cause of the many reported illnesses and deaths. However the FDA advises that a company can voluntarily recall these possibly unsafe products.
If Petsmart, Inc. does in fact have our beloved pet’s best interests at heart and want to make sure they protect the animal patrons that support their business, then they should voluntarily pull all questionable treats from their shelves to ensure no one else’s best friend is hurt or killed!
Demand Petsmart, Inc. recalls the possibly dangerous treats from their shelves to protect our pets! Many more people may be unaware of the dangers these treats pose and will innocently be feeding their pets possibly contaminated and harmful treats. Ask Petsmart, Inc. to do its duty and not put any more of the nation’s pets at risk of harm!
Petsmart, Inc.: Please pull these treats from your shelves and stop selling them in your stores! Don’t knowingly put our friends at risk!

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