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Petsmart Please Stop Buying Products From China and South Korea

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Dear Mr. Massey,                                                        January 11, 2017


We are reaching out to PetSmart to help put an end to the dog meat trade in South Korea. and China. We ask you to please watch the video of South Korea’s dog meat industry:

The methods utilized in this unregulated industry are barbaric, and the conditions under which these animals are kept are horrendous.  It has been well documented that the treatment of these dogs is unimaginably cruel and inhumane.  From birth to death they are kept in cramped cages raised off of the ground, so that their feet never touch the ground their entire lives.  They are fed food wastes in extremely unsanitary conditions, which often consists of the decaying meat of the other dogs they are forced to live with.  Their treatment during transport to slaughter is horrific.  They are packed so tightly into cages like stuffed animals that many die from being crushed by the weight of the other dogs.  They must endure extreme heat and cold, and are given no water during the days-long trek, so that many die of dehydration. 

The slaughter methods themselves are nothing short of sadistic and inhumane.  They promote the misguided belief that the adrenaline release which occurs at death improves the quality of the meat, so that the dogs are purposefully tortured and made to experience extreme fear and suffering at slaughter.  This often takes the form of prolonged beatings while being hanged, electrocution, and death by blowtorch and smaller dogs and cats are boiled often alive to make “tonics” which are purported to treat ailments such as rheumatism.

The health risks to humans are all too real.  By the time these dogs are slaughtered, they are so sick with untreated broken bones, infections and malnutrition, that anyone who has not themselves witnessed the documentaries of this practice has no idea that the meat that is going into their “health soup” has been harvested in the most disgusting and unsanitary fashion. 

As professionals in animal welfare, you are able to appreciate the negative impact that this practice has on our society.  This is not just an argument against an unjust and cruel practice.  It is not an argument against what people should and should not eat.  It is an argument against the treatment of fellow living animals.  It is an argument against the negative health impact that this has on us humans. 

As a major conglomerate of pet care you are silently agreeing with this travesty by purchasing items from China and South Korea that in turn you sell throughout North America. You are funding the countries that defy every image you purport to be wholesome and good.

I know it is asking a lot that you stop conducting business with these countries but don’t you want to be the company that stands against this brutality, don’t you want your customers to be able to say, “I shop at a pet store that supports animal welfare in all areas?” Rather than a company that sends mixed messages to it’s customers, ones that say, “yes we as an organization donate to charities but we also buy products from countries that slaughter 12.5 million of man’s best friend a year?”

This country as well as many others is on board with the idea that we only buy American and Canadian made items; this is the wave of the future. Be a leader in that wave, make a difference, stand wholeheartedly against these atrocities, let your customers know that when they shop at PetSmart they are spending their money with an organization that opposes the dog meat trade- that’s where I want to shop!

We are asking you to help bring awareness and a solution to this problem.  Thank you.




Evan Anne Contreras

1273 W, Canyon Way

Hanford, CA 93230



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