Pay Petsmart employees Hazard pay due to COVID-19.

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Petsmart has unethically handled the outbreak of COVID - 19. The company has not developed a hazard wage and has neglected basic safety violations. There is no reason why a cashier should be making minimum wage during this ongoing pandemic. There are minimal safety protocols being put in place to protect employees. Petsmart is not allowing employees to wear masks. We are being told that it can cause the customers to be fearful. This completely disregards the safety and well being of associates. All employees who are currently working should be getting paid much higher wages. Cashiers are constantly exposed to customers throughout the day and are at higher risk of contact with the virus. Petsmart has failed to aid in protective gear for cashiers except for gloves. 

The company does not regulate the number of customers entering the store and social distancing guidelines are not taking place. 

They have failed to address the ongoing pandemic to any associates, and continue to go through business as if nothing is taking place. Petsmart is not an essential service as the primary sales currently thrive on fish, small animals, and pet care products. Petsmart continues to take advantage of its employees and this needs to end. It is time that associates earn Hazard wage, paid sick leave, and safer working conditions to protect not only from physical illness; but psychological stress. The time for change is now!