Make Petsmart develop humane, safe cages for small animals

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12k and counting, join our email campaign

I cannot thank everyone enough for all your support, sharing, and encouragement. We are now over 12,000 signatures from all over the world and growing more everyday. 

The California Hamster Association and Ontario Hamster Club are dedicated to the well-being of the animals we love so dearly. Huge thanks to Tony from the CHA for creating a fantastic website (attached) which outlines not only our current problem with the newest Tiny Tales line, but also other problematic items at Petsmart. It also includes a fantastically written template which you can use to email Petsmart and send your concerns right to the source.

We want to show Petsmart that we will be the voices for our animals, but that we want to work with them too. Using scientific backed research, we can work together to improve the care of not only hamsters, but all small creatures.

Please continue to share our petition, send an email (of our template, or your own, please just be polite!) and shout out that we want better - we demand better for our pets.

Thank you,

California Hamster Association & Ontario Hamster Club

Ontario Hamster Club
3 years ago