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On July 1st, Corey Dixon took his healthy, 4-year-old black lab/retriever (and cardiac service dog), Aspen, to board at PetSmart for the week. When Corey went to pick up Aspen on July 8th, something was clearly wrong. Aspen was shaking and was covered in her own drool and vomit. She'd also lost a significant amount of weight. Despite this, PetSmart did not notify Corey that anything was wrong with the animal. That night Aspen was rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic. Unfortunately, on July 15th, she passed away.

PetSmart initially agreed to pay for all of Aspen's veterinary bills, only to go back on their word and state they would only pay a total amount of $5,000. PetSmart also released their own statement saying Aspen died from a pre-existing medical condition known as Myasthenia Gravis. However, a report released by Aspen's actual veterinarian states that she was a healthy dog and had no such condition. In other words, PetSmart lied to try and cover themselves.

All of this being said, no one should trust their service animal in the care of PetSmart. They should be boycotted, and animal activist groups and the SPCA should call for an investigation into the company and their care of animals.

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