Stop advertising pets for Christmas!

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Every year puppies, kittens, baby rabbits and other animals are bought as Christmas gifts, only to be abandoned once people realise they need care and attention. After the festive period rescue centres end up full of scared, lonely and confused animals. Advertising companies are encouraging this behaviour by allowing ads for pets in the runup to Christmas - and it has to stop.

Every year around this time, I spend hours going through sites such as Pets4Homes and Gumtree, reporting all the ads where pets are being sold as Christmas gifts. It’s time consuming, but I do it because the thought of all these animals being bought as a gift and then abandoned is heartbreaking.

Breeders are taking advantage of the festive season to advertise baby rabbits, kittens, puppies and other animals 'ready in time for Christmas'. This is completely irresponsible.

Pets4Homes, Gumtree and others like them have posting rules which say no animal should be advertised as a seasonal gift. But in reality many of these ads still go live. These breeders are only looking to line their pockets and don’t care where the animals end up. When companies like Pets4Homes allow these ads on  their platform, they are contributing to the problem.

These companies have a responsibility. They say they care about animal welfare so they should put their words into action and suspend breeders’ ads at the very latest 2 weeks before Christmas.

Anyone serious about offering a loving home to an animal should adopt from a rescue centre in the new year when no doubt lots of pets will have become unwanted. 

Please sign my petition if you think a pet is for life, not for Christmas and should never be advertised as such!

Isabelle Rineau

BaBBA Campaign (Ban all Baby Bunny Ads)