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Stop the mistreatment of animals

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We have started this petition to urge you to properly care for your animals in your pet store! After reviewing your Facebook page and looking at the pictures, none of them seem to be receiving the proper care they deserve!

All of the caged animals are standing on wire bottom cages. Standing on bare wire such as they are is very painful, not only is a painful but it causes callouses on their feet and even legs. These callouses will crack open and bleed, this is even more painful for them. Some of the cages shown at your Facebook page are even rusted, having cracked and bloody feet and legs on this rusted wire will cause serious infections such as Tetanus, that will enter the blood stream and cause numerous sorts of health problems that will lead to death! These cages need to have blankets, towels, fleece or better yet hay on the bottom covering the wire.

The smaller critters such as the Hamsters and Rats should not be on this large wood shavings. Any kind of wood bedding should never be used with these little guys, not only is it extremely painful to walk on and burrow it bit the dust can cause all sorts of respiratory problems! Plus on top of all of this the wood shavings do not absorb the urine properly this can cause a whole array of health problems. In addition to using incorrect bedding, they are over crowded and need more space again for their health and over all well being! Not only are they overcrowded there is not a one "hide a way" in not only do Hamsters and Rats need these but Guinea pigs do also! Having a place for them to go and "hide" is just as important as food and water! Not having this is psychologically damaging to them and makes them more nervous and frightful this is draining on their health causing a shorter life span!

Bunnies and Guinea Pigs need an unlimited supply of hay. Hay is nowhere to be seen in these pictures. Hay is not only needed as a source of food but to help keep their teeth at a safe and appropriate length. Pellets alone will not do the job!

We also noticed that you are trying to sell a "wild caught" bird. Please stop participating in this practice! Snatching a bird out of the wild is extremely traumatic and is psychologically damaging. They will never get over this experience and will be depressed and traumatized their entire life time, due to this they will not live full healthy lives! There are enough breeders that having to go into the wild and rip a bird away from its family is a completely unnecessary practice!

In closing Pets and Things you need to change the way you are caring for these animals! Not only for the well being of the animals but also for the customers. Customers need to be able to see how these animal should be properly cared for so that if they purchase them, they will now what they should be doing! We also ask for you to get rid of all of your rusty cages, provide protection from the wire bottoms, proper bedding, limit the number of small critters per tank, provide a proper place for them to "hide" and a constant supply of good quality grass hay! Please no more wild caught birds!!!

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