Pets inside carriers should be allowed inside retail stores

Pets inside carriers should be allowed inside retail stores

5 December 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tiffany Ng

Hello everyone and fellow pet (dogs, cats, etc.) owners,

Now that we are out of lockdown, and restrictions have further eased (given we are vaccinated), I would like to address an issue that I think needs some attention and understanding.

So, I wanted to go to Costco, a wholesale retail store, to purchase some groceries. I was carrying my dog who has severe separation anxiety (i.e. uncomfortable being left alone at home) in my backpack carrier for pets. And the staff member who was managing the entrance, saw there was a pet inside the backpack, and angrily said that no pets are allowed inside the store. 

I tried to calmly explain that the dog is inside an enclosed space, and would not possibly be able to touch anything in the store. But still she said “No pets!”, and refused to let me pass the entrance.

Ok. Let’s think about this logically besides my small dog weighing 5kg and not minding carrying it on my back (even though my back does hurt after carrying her for a while):

If the dog is inside the backpack carrier with the zips fully zipped with a few coverings at the sides to be discreet, the dog:

- Would not be able to touch any of the items (including food products) in the store. 
- Cannot touch the floor or obstruct any of the aisles/pathways of the store.  
- Should not affect any people with pet allergies, because it is in an inside a carrier.

Any accidents (very rare), the dog makes would also be inside the carrier.

An alternative to a pet backpack is a pet stroller, similar to prams for children but is enclosed. I think as long as the pet is inside a carrier and not obstructing anything/anyone then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Now I know some dog owners can be irresponsible even with a backpack/stroller, where they have the opening unzipped with their head poking out and wanting to do whatever they feel like, but this can be easily enforced and monitored by staff instead of just banning pets altogether regardless if it is inside a carrier or not.

Allowing pets inside an enclosed carrier can also prevent thefts, because pets are no longer tied to poles. I have personally seen a suspicious person untying the leash.

There are many more reasons why we should allow pets inside an enclosed carrier. Please support this petition, for my dog and many other pets in the same situation as me. 

Thanks very much for reading and for your support!


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Signatures: 26Next goal: 50
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