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Pets Alive Westchester: Safety for Pippi – Help Protect My Miniature Pinscher

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On October 21, 2012 my beloved dog of 12 years, Pippi (6 lbs), was brutally attacked in her own home by a foster dog (60 lbs) that belonged to Pets Alive Westchester / Elmsford Animal Shelter. Pippi’s eye was savagely ripped from its socket (proptosis), and the vet believes the attack will render her blind. In all likelihood the eye will have to be completely removed.

Her life will never be the same.

Although Pets Alive Westchester was aware of the foster dog’s violent behavior as early as July 2012, the organization allowed its dog to be left unattended with small children and animals.

The shelter dog demonstrated violent and aggressive behavior towards my mother, my uncle, and myself. The pattern of behavior is clear – and must be stopped. My grave fear is that this escalation of violence will ultimately lead to Pippi, or her sister Aida’s death – or serious bodily harm to a human child or adult.

Despite repeated communication with Pets Alive Westchester Executive Director, Jenessa Taylor, ( and Staff Canine Trainer, Misa Martin (, the organization refused to remove their dog and give Pippi a safe and peaceful recovery.

Demand that Pets Alive Westchester:
• Revoke the adoption and remove the dangerous dog, "Dorie"
• Prohibit the legal adoption of a foster dog suspected of being a "dangerous dog"
• Conduct a detailed investigation of claims of violent canine behavior
• Provide sufficient transparency for these documented claims
• Ensure a comprehensive screening of large dogs before they are placed in homes with small animals and children
• Take proactive steps to ensure the safety of co-habituating animals when foster dogs are placed in domestic environments

Gross negligence does not begin to capture the severity of Jenessa Taylor and Misa Martin’s ethical and professional failures.

Pets Alive Westchester is a “no-kill” facility and there is no risk of the dangerous dog being euthanatized – that is unless a human being is attacked and maimed in the manner as Pippi. It is my deep hope, for all parties, that the dangerous dog is removed before this apparent eventuality.

This is a time-sensitive matter, and I implore Pets Alive Westchester Shelter to act swiftly before anyone else is injured.

As a life-long animal lover the sadness of petitioning an animal shelter does not elude me. However, I firmly believe that Pets Alive Westchester has an obligation to look out for the well-being of all animals (and people).

So I entreat all of you – friends and strangers alike – to please help me ensure safety for Pippi and the other members of my family.

Please sign this petition and tell Pets Alive Westchester that they have a moral and legal responsibility to protect all animals and people.

Many thanks and warm regards,

Nicole & Pippi




Make your voice heard – help Pippi and contact Pets Alive Westchester / Elmsford Animal Shelter:

Jenessa Taylor, Executive Director – (914) 592-7334,
Misa Martin, Staff Canine Trainer – (917) 523-7011,
Pat Whitacre, Lead Canine Behaviorist – (914) 592-7334,
Kerry Clair, Executive Director, Pets Alive, Middletown, NY – (845) 386-9738 or (845) 386-5408,

Tweet for Pippi – send Pets Alive a bark, or two:

@PetsAliveWest @PetsAlive @Misa212

Pets Alive Board of Directors:
• Kerry Clair, President
• Joy Sarnelli Carson, Vice President
• Mary Ann Kuhens, Secretary/Treasurer
• Marisol Thomas
• Rob Thomas
• Maria Maldonado
• Sandy Mozdierz

Learn more about Pippi: Visit to read more about my beautiful min pin.

Live in the Elmsford, Westchester area? Contact the local authorities and tell them you don’t want a “dangerous dog” in your community.

Elmsford Police Department – (914) 592-8383,

Village of Elmsford, Village Hall – (914) 592-6555,

Protect your loved ones / know your rights – read about New York State Agriculture and Markets Law § 123 Dangerous Dogs

Complete statute – AGM Article 7 Section 123: Dangerous Dogs

Report animal cruelty in Westchester –
SPCA of Westchester (914) 941-7797 (open 24/7 – all calls remain confidential)

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