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Petland USA: Stop Selling Pets - Fire Puppy Mills - Petland Canada Has!

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More than 95% of animals for sale at Petland USA stores are from commercial puppy mills. According to transport and shipping records from the Department of Agiculture involving more than 5 States,17,000 puppies delivered to Petland were sourced from puppy mills. USDA inspection records were cross-checked and source facilities were visited to confirm this fact. HSUS led this investigation.

Petland Canada has announced they will stop selling pets, why not Petland USA? Successful Petland franchisee conversions to adoption models are operating in PA with help from local shelters.

We know the Master Franchisor (Petland USA, Ohio) cannot by fiat dictate that everyone follow a new policy.  They can announce their intention and new policy and current franchisees are free to run their businesses as they see fit.  Yet a sea-change in policy from the top would be a giant leap in saving lives and changing Petland's reputation and market share. It would not take long for laggards to follow as we push for legislation against selling pets and picket with adopt don't shop signs.

Turn your ship around Petland USA - Change your policy! Stop selling pets, fire puppy mills, choose instead the benefits of community support. Your voicemail message says you care about animals. Prove it - step up, be a policy leader and save lives!

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