Say NO to PETLAND in Memphis!

Say NO to PETLAND in Memphis!

January 2, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Linda Baxter

Petland cannot be allowed to set up shop in Memphis.  This community does not need another tragic tale of cruelty and death of animals entrusted to the care of humans. 

Petland is a financial machine proven to have locations that obtained their animals from "puppy mills", has been investigated by The Humane Society of the United States with horrible proof of mishandled animals and illness (including death), has terrible ratings and reviews from buyers (and staff!) that have had animals die or need to be euthanized because of undisclosed medical issues.  The reviews and videos are heartbreaking.   

It's not just one location, one instance... it's multiple locations over decades.  Dogs thrown away in bags (yes, there are photos).  Diseased animals in the care of and sold to unsuspecting humans (their own pets and themselves in harm's way as a result!).  Learn more about HSUS's investigations and actions to stop Petland

Memphis has come a long way to improve it's city animal services but we still face the continuance of strays, overpopulation and animals dumped because owners cannot care for them.  Why do we need a Petland when we have plenty of companion animals ready and waiting for a home?  

The last thing our community needs is a Petland - unless Petland wants to work directly with local shelters and rescue groups, rather than trying to sell pets for profit.   

Please sign this campaign to let Petland know they are not welcome in Memphis and let TSCG (the property management company brokering the retail location) know that you will not be shopping at any of the retail locations in The Commons at Wolfchase if Petland is allowed to move in. 

Please also call local retailers in The Commons (Giacosa Pl Memphis, TN 38133) and ask THEM to get involved - tell them you won't frequent their location with Petland in their shopping center.   Local retailers include:  TJ Maxx, Academy Sports, The Home Depot, Big Lots, Burlington, Ollie's Outlet, Michaels, Old Navy, etc. 

Call TSCG and implore them (respectfully) to decline this retailer in our community - tell them you won't shop at The Commons also.  Let them know they will lose money when other businesses start to close because they welcomed Petland into our community.  

WE are their voice - only we can stop this. 

Photo by the HSUS

TSCG & The Commons Information:

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Signatures: 24,729Next Goal: 25,000
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