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There is only one Petland store remaining in Michigan, located at Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi. Local activists from the Puppy Mill Awareness Meetup have been calling on the store to stop supporting puppy mills and start supporting rescue.

The group's peaceful demonstrations and public education campaigns have helped shut down other Petland stores in the state. The stores don't have to close -- they can choose to stop selling puppies and instead work with local rescue groups to promote adoption, as several other Petland stores around the country have done.

Support the efforts of Puppy Mill Awareness by telling Petland Novi to stop selling puppies.

Photo credit: Cara StHilaire

Letter to
Owner, Petland Novi Randy Horowitz
I am disappointed to learn that your Petland store continues to sell puppies purchased from commercial breeders. By doing so, you are supporting an industry that cruelly treats dogs like commodities, not like the companion animals that customers come to your store to buy food, treats and toys for.

I urge you to agree to stop selling animals acquired from breeders, stop supporting commercial breeding operations in all of your business practices, and, instead, work solely with local shelters and nonprofit rescue groups to facilitate adoptions.

Not only will this move stop the negative publicity generated by your puppy sales, but advocates will actively help promote your newly puppy-friendly store. As an added benefit, this move makes good business sense in an economy where high-priced puppy sales aren't as desirable as the less expensive option of adopting a homeless pet.

Several other Petland stores across the country have successfully made this commitment and, as the last remaining Petland in Michigan, you can make the same humane decision.

Thank you.

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