STOP Puppy Mill Sales in NOVA

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As members of the Northern Virginia dog community, we have followed recurring instances of Petland locations in Fairfax Virginia and in Maryland selling puppies from known large scale puppy breeding operations rather than limiting their pet display to cooperation with rescue efforts. Managers at these locations state that they do not sell from operations with violations. However, research of their documented Class A suppliers shows Petland dealings with known high volume/multi-breed breeders who have histories of direct or family connected violations. We also have monitored, in particular, Vizsla breed puppies, who have all arrived at Petland with various illnesses and visible skin conditions which, at a minimum, have required them to be held for a greater time before being released by the store’s contract veterinarian. The additional time held caged at this critical socialization stage, in addition to on-going health issues, lessens the quality of the pet offered to Petland customers, negatively impacting repeat business and the corporation’s business reputation. Publicized court action related to unfufilled sick puppy guarantees also have blackened Petland's business standing. 

Our large community of dog enthusiasts takes a dim view of local Petland's promotion of these large volume, puppy mill operations. Whether there are current violations or not, there are far too many homeless pets and far too many unsavory breeding practices at these types of operations, some barely within legal standards or illegal but not yet found and cited. Therefore, we have pledged: to monitor these Petland locations; to educate potential Petland customers through print and social media; to conduct legal sidewalk educational demonstrations; to contact State Humane Officers and County authorities when we observe possible violations, and to have ongoing discussions with management by phone and visits.

We hope you will join us in advocating changes at local pet shops that would turn local staff enthusiasm and knowledge for connecting pets and people toward the very needy rescue pet population and help to put puppy mill operations out of business soon.