Defend Academic Freedom and Dr Robert Oscar Lopez

Defend Academic Freedom and Dr Robert Oscar Lopez

5 November 2015
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Petitioning Dr Yi Li (Provost of California State University at Northridge)
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Started by Monica Shelley

Dr Robert Oscar Lopez, founder of English Manif and COGwatch, is being hounded out of his academic post at University of California by LGBTs because of his activism for family, marriage and children's rights. 

They have concocted complaints of the flimsiest nature in order to pursue this shameful victimization of Dr Robert Oscar Lopez, Associate Professor of English Literature. They have even resorted to lies. Dr Lopez has committed no breach of his contract, but is being bullied by those outside the university who are interfering with its concerns in order to impose a single ideology on the entire university system and indeed on the world.
This is an attack on intellectual and moral freedom.

Dr Lopez has defended himself with a lawyer but the danger is that the university will now dismiss him simply to stop the endless harassment from activists who are unfairly targeting him. 
The activists who have stirred up spurious complaints about him and presumed to send the Dean of his Faculty negative opinions of him are intolerant, officious extremists who want to stamp out all opinions apart from their own. They label his conservative views and concern for the rights of children "bigotry"  to justify witch-hunts reminiscent of the McCarthyite era.
We think a university should aim to positively encourage diversity of opinion and should never be dictated to by a self-interested lobby group who are not part of academia and who are opposed to moral and intellectual freedom. We note that Dr Lopez has been denounced by the HRC organisation set up and funded by Mr Terry Bean, who is currently facing prosecution for multiple contraventions of the laws on age of sexual consent.
We call for the specious charges against Dr Lopez to be dismissed and for Dr Lopez to be allowed to continue with his job without further harassment or penalties of any kind.

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This petition had 2,155 supporters

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