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Ban collars on Fraser Island Dingoes

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Attention- Leeane Enoch

With respect to the Traditional Owners of K’Gari, the Butchulla, we would respectfully ask you to look into the cumbersome collars (actually 2 collars) now on two Fraser Island dingoes and we are demanding to have them immediately removed and these types of collars never ever be used again on any Fraser Island dingo.

This is an aversion collar, added with a GPS collar, gives the dingo a shock with an electrical voltage. This is completely unacceptable and extremely cruel.

Back in 2011 there was local outcry regarding tacking collars put on to over 20 dingoes on the Island. The 2011 collars were smaller than this latest one shown which looks much larger. The previous Satellite tracking collars from 2011, were reportedly weighing 5% of the body weight of the dingoes. For an average 18kg dingo, that is 900 grams.

And these two collars look much heavier.

There are many tracking collars that are less than 50 grams that are used on for example the Quokkas on Rottnest Island and microchips now have advanced technology.

At the USC with the Koala Detection Dogs they are developing an application, based on Bluetooth microchip, that will allows them to track a koala, recognise him and have his history. Couldn't the same be done for dingos instead of that torturous collar?

The collared dingoes were observed as having a GPS and aversion collar on the dingoes before the COVID-19 closure and during the closure and recently photographed on the 25th May looking thin.

Putting this type of collar on is concerning, as it was put on her during mating season. What a horrible time to put it on her while there is Wongari/dingo rivalry and she is trying to work out her new boundaries. People observing her and that includes visitors to the Island can see she is suffering and visibly deteriorating.

These collars are aversion collars giving the dingo an electric shock to supposedly stop it begging for food and stop it swimming in Elli Creek.

 In this photo taken by a visitor to the Island you can clearly see she is really suffering.

This is unacceptable cruelty. It'll hinder the Dingoes hunting ability and also drinking water from the creek.

Much Better still to is to punish the tourists, If they have been feeding the dingoes there, Lock up Elli Creek and ban ALL tourists going there until they stop feeding the Dingoes.
Punish the people not the dingo.
One bad apple tourist gets ALL the tourists penalised. That will get the message across!


It’s just so inhumane to see this has been done by those that are meant to be caring for the dingoes in this World Heritage area.

This petition is on behalf of -Connect 2 wildlife 4 environment and members.

Marie-Louise Sarjeant, Owner Operator of -Connect 2 wildlife 4 environment.

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