No Gutenberg in WordPress Core

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It's safe to say Gutenberg in core is an inevitability, but there is an alternative: ClassicPress.



Gutenberg is a new editor for the hugely popular WordPress content management system. It aims to make it easy to build posts and pages using a drag and drop builder. A great idea in principle.

The team behind the project is dedicated and working hard to create their vision and this petition is in no way aiming to discredit their contribution to WordPress.

However, there is a clear push back from the community against the Gutenberg plugin (which will become part of the core Wordpress code in v5), mostly because people feel it's not ready, and the amount of bug reports and issues open on their Github repository displays this.

This petition is to ask the WordPress team to keep Gutenberg out of the core of WordPress and instead keep it as a plugin for users to install. In addition this petition asks that Gutenberg does not get integrated into the core until the community agrees that the time is right.

This petition is started by ClassicPress - a proposed hard fork of WordPress without Gutenberg. It would be our preference not to fork WordPress, but we feel that our hands are tied at this point.