Petition to Unite Every Strike and Call to Action for All Activists

Petition to Unite Every Strike and Call to Action for All Activists

May 9, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rags Ragland

The Petition:

Over the past several years it has become increasingly obvious that our entire way of life is soul crushing for millions of families. Endless work for low wages coupled with rising housing and food costs make all of our lives unstable. We all feel powerless because we have very little say in how our society operates, but it doesn't have to stay this way. We can take this power back by organizing, unionizing, and striking.

There are many groups organizing Unions, Mutual Aid Networks, and Strikes. Searching #GeneralStrike,  #OrganizeUnionize, #MutualAid, and #GeneralStrikeRevolution will reveal a considerable amount of their content on each social media platform. There are also many small groups fighting for individual causes, and some of them are winning small victories. However, we are trying to get ahead of climate change, protect Women's Rights, protect LGBTQIA+ Rights, End the mass shootings, and End Systemic Racism, so small victories will not be enough; we need a huge victory.

The only way to win a huge victory is to build a huge coalition of groups. This petition has that goal. If you care deeply about any of these issues, sign this petition and pledge to strike with us once our signature goal is reached. Furthermore, this petition is a partnership with The People's Manifesto: General Strike Revolution.

The People's Manifesto is a cohesive and expanding list of Revolutionary Demands. It is promoting a peaceful, stay-at-home General Strike. The idea is that approximately a third or 33% of workers and consumers will organize to stay home from work and/or boycott the media until our demands are fully met. The date of the strike will not be announced until we have sufficient support in numbers and mutual aid networks.

This movement is also actively seeking partnerships with all other Public Organizers, Activists, Worker's Unions, and Movement Leaders. If you are interested in learning more about our movement, go here:


Sign the Petition and give the Revolution more momentum! Power to the People!

Call to Action:

If we truly wish to live in an equal and equitable society, we must unite to fix our nation without expecting help from our government. We must foster a culture centered around Civic Engagement and Mutual Aid so the People will always have autonomy. 

After signing this petition reach out to your neighbors to speak about the crises damaging our communities, start a garden and give food to your friends, make clothes and give them to your family, find ways to stop shopping at corporations, support minority owned businesses, find an existing activist organization to join, join an existing General Strike movement, or start a movement. Reach out to local Union Presidents, Community Leaders, and Public Organizers to encourage them to begin linking arms with other causes.

Join me in working to convince the People of the United States that unifying all of our efforts is the best chance we have at improving our lives. Use this petition as motivation to join a Cause and take it a step further: convince the Cause to join a larger Cause.

Signature Goal:

“Majority Rules!” The classic tagline of Democracy. The idea behind this goal is to influence our political culture to transform into one that maintains equality and equity for all. If over half the population is involved in the Revolution then a cultural change would have a much stronger chance of lasting several generations. With this concept in mind the signature goal is as follows:

The total population of the Electorate is approximately 254,000,000 (while rounding down to the nearest million to create a more symbolic number). The signature goal for this petition is set at 50% of the Electorate +1 which comes out to 127,000,001 signatures. 

An effective General Strike would take about a third of the voters participating and last a minimum of ten days in order to create a lasting change. This means we need about 76,000,000 participants and mutual aid networks to support them. Collecting an abundance of signatures helps ensure enough people can get the strike started so the rest can follow as the movement gains power.

Upon satisfaction of the signature goal, a date will be set to begin the General Strike. Power to the People!

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Signatures: 290Next Goal: 500
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