Repeal the UK firearm laws

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The UK Gun laws currently prevent the safe use of handguns, shortened shotguns and a variety of other firearms and equipment. Shooting sport enthusiasts rights to ownership are being curtailed for no legitimate reason. 

The Uk gun laws do not contribute to public safety and were not introduced for the reason of public safety. 

A brief history: 

1900 any British citizen could own their own guns for self defense and carry in public 

In 1919 the British government, in fear of communists and anarchists, passed its first sweeping anti-gun laws (under the smokescreen of crime control) even though gun related crime was almost non existent in the England of the day. British subjects could now only buy a firearm if they could show "a good reason" for having one and the firearm certificate system that we have today (implemented and abused by police) was introduced.

1936 saw the introduction of storage restrictions and the banning of short barrelled shotguns and fully automatic guns due to the public "having no legitimate reason for ownership" the rationale has now changed from government having to justify legislation to individuals having to justify ownership. 

1946 self defense no longer considered a valid reason for a police firearms certificate

1953 it is no longer legal to carry any weapon for self defense.

1967 a shooting using a 9mm pistol occurs and shotguns are licensed as a result. 

1988 all semi automatic guns are banned and all licenced guns are seized by police.

1996 all handguns are banned and carrying a blade of more than 3 inches in length is banned

2006 all replica firearms are restricted

There has been no movement for the safety of the British people behind these laws, the freedoms and personal property of UK subjects have been violated.

In the 1940s the UK government had to buy guns from the USA because the government had seized the public's firearms. Should a situation like the Second World War occur again the British public would have no means for a coordinated domestic defense.

These laws infringe on personal property rights, restrict the peaceful enjoyment of gun sports enthusiasts and have no beneficial effect on public safety. 

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