Shift University Classes And Exams Online In The Midst Of The Second Wave Of COVID-19

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Respected Sir,

As you know, we have entered the second wave of the COVID-19 viral life cycle and as winters approach and the smog rises so do the cases in Lahore (2500+ / Day at the time of writing). As a result, the campus is a very real source of infection and some blatant violations of SOPs has (and is) putting everyone at risk. There have been numerous COVID-19 cases on campus and students' and teachers' health is being put at risk. These are strange times we live in sir, and we believe that appropriate action must be taken to ensure everyone's safety. Schools, colleges and university all across the country are shutting down and moving towards online classes and we believe FAST-NU Lahore should do the same. Our parents are immensely concerned about our health and being at campus means we are likely to bring the disease into our houses as well. The same houses where our grandparents and younger siblings live, people who are at a very real threat of the virus.

Moreover, students are stressed out and anxious, sir. The uncertainty surrounding this semester is taking a toll on everyone's mental health. Attending university for a week and then being told to sit at home for a further two is hindering our education. A lot of students have missed their first mid-term exam putting them at a very major disadvantage compared to other students. The university's rejection to the proposal of an alternative grading scheme has deeply hurt us

Considering the current situation, we believe that online education is the most safest, steady and fair way to go right now and we hope you see our point of view.

Please consider our request to shift classes and exams online and to provide an S/U grading scheme option to the students.


The Students of FAST-NU Lahore