Petition to Retract Anti-Sikh 'Report' Published by The Macdonald Laurier Institute.

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The Macdonald Laurier Institute (an Ottawa based public policy think tank) recently published a document which maligns Sikh Canadians, calling their commemoration of the Sikh Genocide “predictable victimization” and equating their advocacy to extremism. Sikh Scholars from leading Universities across Canada, America and the UK have penned a letter expressing their dismay and concern over the litany of unsubstantiated claims included in the report. Read the full letter here. 

The report focuses on the Khalistani movement, while erasing all contextual and historical complexities of the Sikh struggle for self-determination in the 80’s-90’s.  This is why over 50 Sikh scholars have spoken out against the report, insisting that it lacks academic integrity.

The Sikh Canadian community has a long and traumatic history on the Indian subcontinent where they have been victims of state sanctioned genocide. With a complete erasure of this violent history, and a profoundly simplistic understanding of the topic, the report aims to shape public policy dictating Sikh advocacy. 

Sign this petition to support 50 plus leading Canadian scholars in demanding that the McDonald Laurier Institute RETRACT it’s biased and derogatory report which conflates advocacy with extremism and maligns the entire Sikh Canadian community. Demand that going forward the Macdonald Laurier Institute engage Sikh scholars when they hope to produce reports that influence public policy which directly impacts Sikh Canadians.

“It’s a travesty when people who lack context, historical knowledge, and scholarship are granted powerful voices supported by institutions.”

-Sharn Kaur, PhD Candidate UBC History

“We are disappointed that the Macdonald-Laurier Institute chose to publish the Milewski ‘report’ on Khalistan.  The report is poorly researched, makes unfounded claims, fails to engage in a contextually based analysis and makes no attempt to present a balanced analysis on the issue.”

-Tejinder Singh Sidhu, President, WSO

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