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Petitioning Dean of Psychology Max Sully and 3 others

Petition to request Murdoch University to stop treating disabled students as second class citizens

Murdoch University (in Perth, Western Australia) was established in 1975. Since then Murdoch University has prided itself on a dedication to social justice and equality, however this is far from the case. One example of this is the School of Psychology's stance on educating students with disabilities. The School of Psychology has repeatedly refused required supports for these students and has labelled them as "not normal" and as "financial burdens". In addition to this the School of Psychology has not allowed any students (who have made their psychological illness common knowledge) entrance into their honours programme. The Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) has put this into writing on numerous occasions, however the School of Psychology refused to change their biased standards and acknowledge what has been said by the accreditation body. We believe that all students should have access to the same quality of education.

Letter to
Dean of Psychology Max Sully
Programme Chair Jeffrey Coney
Secretary Trudi McGlade
and 1 other
Vice Chancellor Gary Martin
I kindly request that Murdoch University's School of Psychology cease treating students with disabilities as second class citizens. I politely request that students with disabilities be allowed to receive the supports that the Equity division as well as their medical specialists state are necessary. I am aware that the School of Psychology denies honours applications to all students with mental/psychiatric illness and demand that this biased practice stops. I believe that all students deserve the right to be treated equally and that it is a student's hard work that determines his or her success, and not the prejudice opinions of certain teaching staff.