Petition to Remove "Durr Burger" from Fortnite

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The goal of this petition is to remove the offensive restaurant, "Durr Burger," in the hit game Fortnite.

The premise of the word "durr" is often associated with insulting people with disabilities. Having the title "Durr Burger" contributes to messages in society that mock people with disabilities. There are countless amounts of memes associated with the word "durr" that often describe something or someone “ignorant” (mainly targeting people with disabilities). Not only is the title of the establishment offensive, but the logo (a burger that is portrayed to look "ignorant" by having its tongue sticking out and eyes skewed in opposite directions) is as well. This grotesque image contributes to and further perpetuates stereotypes that people have for people with disabilities. 

On Fortnite's Amazon page there is also merchandise based off Durr Burger, including t-shirts and hoodies featuring the restaurant. It is unacceptable for not only Fortnite to profit from this, but to promote this further than the game itself. Attached below is the link to view the merchandise

People with disabilities are just as much human as the next person. It is wrong to profit off hurting people with an image that diminishes the work of unifying people together. Durr Burger divides the unity that is between all humans with and without disabilities.

The students at UNCC starting this petition, doesn't condone this image that Fortnite has placed in their video game that has over 40 million downloads. Fortnite has also made nearly 200 million dollars in digital revenue to date. Help us spread this unfortunate doing, and get it removed from the game.

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