Petition to redress the injustices against Willie Dwayne Clark.

Petition to redress the injustices against Willie Dwayne Clark.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Shawntaya Shaffer

On March 11, 2010. Willie Dwayne Clark was wrongfully convicted for "complicity" to 41 criminal counts related to the death of Darrent Williams. 2 of the 41 counts were
dismissed by the prosecutor. Those counts were, felon in possession of a firearm and use of a firearm. Another 2 were Habitual criminal counts, that were used to enhance his sentence. This petition respectfully request that you "the people" join Mr. Clark in his quest for justice. He was initially charged as the principle in this case, but in the middle of the trial, the prosecutors were allowed to admit a faulty jury instruction for "complicity" to all, or part of, the crime.
During the deliberation, the jurors asked if they could find Mr. Clark guilty on all of the counts charged, under the "complicity" instruction. Judge Habas answered that they 
could. Several hours later, the jurors found Mr. Clark guilty of all counts under this faulty. "complicity" instruction. Mr.Clark was never given the opportunity to prepare a "complicity" defense, nor was he arraigned for "complicity”. He was charged, and initially tried as the principle, but in the middle of trial the prosecutors were allowed to add this erroneous jury instruction. This is a structural error. The prosecutor's star witness stories did not corroborate any of the evidence that was gathered during the
investigatory stages of the crimes, and that was presented to the jury. They proved that they were not interested in figuring out the truth of the matter, and were only invested in
closing the case, so the negative media criticism and the overwhelming political scrutiny would cease. They worked with
a number of other government agencies to provide their star witnesses with immunity, leniency on other cases, and other unknown incentives, in order to get them to testify against Mr. Clark and others. Thee same witnesses were deemed untrustworthy and proven to be untruthful to law enforcement
prior to being allowed to enter into deals with Federal and State prosecutors. Mr. Clark proved his innocence through evidence and witnesses who were not interested in the case in anyway. It is a known fact that the evidence proves that there were 2 separate firearms used in the crime, one which was fired at a downward angle, and another at a horizontal angle. 2 types of shell cases (.40 cal. and .45 cal.) were found at the crime scene, and during the trial, testimony was
given that shows that there were 2 other unidentified types of ammunition found, Several rellable witnesses testified that the prosecutor's star witness was seen getting into an altercation with the victims entourage, and then seen getting into the passenger side of a green Suv, that sped after the victim's vehicle, which was also identified by another witness at the scene
of the crime. This is direct evidence that proves that he was not in the same vehicle as Mr. Clark. There is, a woman who was
in Mexico with the prosecutor's star witness,
when he fled the Country. She made over a half of a dozen calls to the Denver Police Detectives that were investigating the crimes. She provided them with detailed information about the prosecutor's star witness, and his plans to flee to Belize from Mexico. She also told them that he told her that he killed the victim, and that his drug connection had helped him flee to Mexico to hide. This woman was given a code name, "Cuba Orange", and to this day, her identity has not been disclosed to Mr.Clark or his defense attorneys. This woman's testimony could have played a major role in Mr. Clark's trial, and the juror's decision. The prosecutors knowingly and willingly presented false testimony to the court, and the jurors. This is a violation of the American Bar Association's rules of professional conduct and State laws. They knowingly bought and paid for favorable testimony, which is also a violation of the above mentioned rules and laws. For far too long this has been the “norm", and it has to stop, if true justice is our GOD given right as Americans. If any defense attorney ever
attempted to commit this act, he/she will more than likely be disbarred, and or prosecuted. All attorneys are supposed to be held to the ABA'S rules of professional conduct. Is it right to allow a prosecutor to utilize this method? This alone
has made the legal process uneven, and places a serious burden on the accused and their attorneys. No matter what is said, it has been proven that all of the "less fortunate" defendants are guilty until proven innocent. The media conducts their own trial, prior to the actual trial, and this alone plants the seeds of guilt in the potential juror's minds. And the prosecutors then play on this negative media coverage with the jurors. And then, if a defendant has gang affiliation, their go to move, is to admit gang evidence, even in cases that are not gang related at all. This strategy automatically bias the jurors because of the presumption, that everyone with gang ties are guilty, outweighs any logical thinking. The only difference between a lot of these cases and Mr. Clark's case, is that Mr. Clark has proof of his innocence, and is willing to provide his legal disks to prove his claims. He has written hundreds of letters to most of the "help" org, and most of the individuals that are prisoner's advocates, but to no avail In no way is Mr. Clark claiming to have any information about who is responsible for the crimes. He is simply stating that he is not guilty, and that the prosecutors have went above and beyond their scope of duty to convict him. He was not given a fair trial by an impartial judge or Jury. This is his right, and should have been taken more serious than it was. You signing this petition only supports Mr.Clark's request to receive a fair trial by a fair and impartial judge and jury of his "peers". He is currently housed in the Federal Bureau Of Prisons at USP Atwater,
were he is being denied access to State legal material, including his legal disks, and
where his legal mail is being opened outside of his presence and illegally seized by overzealous prison officials. The Colo. Dept. Of Corrections have once again accomplished their goal to deter Mr. Clark from working on his legal matters. This is why this petition is so important. It forces the "Powers That Be" to do what is right. True Freedom and Justice must prevail for all of those who injustices have hurt, hindered, oppressed and destroyed. Those of us, whom practice that are with the wrongfully accused and convicted, have an obligation to take a stand and demand true Freedom and Justice for those who do not have a voice. We go through the same injustices when we're representing the wrongfully accused people. May we work at GOD speed.

746 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!