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I duly write to petition your office in a request for the redevelopment of Dogo Moro park located at Asawase. Dogo Moro community park has been in existence since time immemorial. It saw a facelift in the year 2004, with a natural green grass turf constructed with a fence.
Dogo Moro community park was named after one of Ghana's football legends and former Asante Kotoko defenders who won many honours for both club and country. Dogo Moro was an integral part of Ghana's 1963 and 1965 squad who won the country's first African cup trophy and went ahead to win most honours for clubs such as the 1970 CAF Champions league and many league trophies. For eighteen years now, this park has deteriorated and will have got to be redeveloped to a befitting standard in honour of the name bearer, Dogo Moro. This petition is to plead for this ground to be adopted into the Government's community park redevelopment initiative, to receive a facelift into an Astroturf facility.
Dogo Moro community park is part of the facilities municipal -This facility has served as the venue for organizing many football activities in the community. This community park serves as the sole venue for one of the popular and premium community football galas in Kumasi, the Asawase inter lines Easter community football gala. This competitive football event has had national team players featured and numerous talents discovery with hundreds of spectators visiting the venue to witness respective competitive games.
It was used as the venue for the Adonko community gala for some time, it has been the venue for numerous juvenile football leagues and matches, and also the current home grounds for a division two side Ginac Football Club located in the vicinity. Once the redevelopment is complete, the facility could be used for even broader community purposes such as high school football and soccer playoffs.

Why should Dogo Moro be considered for redevelopment into an Astroturf facility?

1. To Honour Dogo Moro.
The individual who has his name after the community park is an icon of the Asawase community, the country, and the continent at large so far as football is concerned. He is a club and also a national legend. Serving with toil and heart, it is an honour that this community park named after Dogo Moro be considered and added to the immediate batches of community football pitches that are to be renovated and/or redeveloped into an Astroturf facility.
Redeveloping this community facility will be an honour to Dogo Moro who has served in his professional soccer career. Moreover, this redevelopment will go to a large extent of bolstering the legacy of the late Dogo Moro.

2. Nurturing of Community Talents
This facility's contribution to talent nurturing cannot be undermined by the fact that numerous professional footballers have used this park at the beginning of their football careers, the likes of Daniel Coleman and his brother Philip Boampong a member of the U20 world champion in 2009 in Egypt of both hearts of oak, Frank Acheampong formally of Anderlecht who currently plays for Shenzhen FC in the Chinese super league, Nasiru Mohammed of BK Häcken in Sweden, Salisu Mohammed of Southampton in the premier league, Zubairu Mohammed of King Faisal, Salim Adams currently of Accra Hearts of Oak, Richard Boadu of Asante Kotoko and many others. Moreover, is very obvious that when this park is well developed, the country will benefit from the young and rising talents from the community.

3. Economic impact
Revenue Generation and Employment Creation cannot be overemphasized. This investment doesn’t come cheap but there are options to make it happen if the municipal is committed and determined. The return on investment will certainly overrun the capital invested in developing the facility. Just to give an idea of how much revenue could be generated through the operationalization of this project, Astroturf pitches are usually hired out to users. Each one of those pitches is hired per hour roughly GHS100.
When the facility is up and running, fully booked (which it will most probably be) from 8 am to 12 midnight each weekday, the facility can generate around GHS1600 per day and a possible GHS 8000 for the five working days and will be 112000 for the whole week.
This is without having agreements with local football teams to use the pitch for weekend matches at GHS200 per match (2hrs each game, two times Saturday and two times Sunday) to have a constant revenue of GHS800 to the weekly coffers.

4. Broader Usage
Considering its popularity, football is likely to be the main revenue driver, but then again, it's far from being the only option. When football is out of season, there could be a look into other sporting ventures like hockey, netball, and tennis for further revenue opportunities.

With these justifications and other numerous reasons aforementioned, I acquire this medium to consequently plead on behalf of the community that this facility is developed into a befitting football Astroturf facility, which will honour the national hero Dogo Moro, generate revenue to the assembly and its substantial contribution to sports talents development. I, therefore, encourage the good people of Asawase and the general public to support this worthy course to have it materialize and we, hence, welcome all stakeholders on board for broader consultation in the propagation of this agenda and further discussion on the execution of this project.
Thank you.

Long live Asawase
Long live Asokore Mampong Municipal.
Long live Ghana

281 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!