Help Save Innocent Pasir Ris Community Cat - Ginger

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The Issue:

We understand that the Pasir Ris office of the Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council is intending to remove our beloved community cat, Ginger, from our neighbourhood, at Pasir Ris St. 11. This was supposedly due to one individual complaint claiming that Ginger had scratched his/her car just by sitting on the roof of the vehicle. Till date, there was no physical evidence to prove that this was done by Ginger, a cat weighing approximately 3.5kg.

The beautiful cat:

For years, this tame and friendly cat has a habit of resting on car roofs belonging to the occupants in this community, but no such complaint had surface until now. By far there has been no damaged done to any of our vehicles.

Ginger is known to be a well-behaved feline in this neighbourhood, loved by many of us, including passers-by. He is quite the community star who loved to be stroked by those who knew him and strangers alike, especially before or after a long commute, after a hard's day at work, on the way home.

What the cat, Ginger, mean to us:

He brought joy and closeness among neighbours, such rare sight to behold in today's society when people tend to keep to themselves. To many of us, Ginger is like the therapy cat we bonded with, who filled us with a little bit of love, every day of our lives. Some of our now adult children grew up with Ginger too.

Spread the word and save Ginger:

We need your signatures in this petition to stop HDB Town Council from removing Ginger from our neighbourhood. We would like to request for thorough investigation to take place with concrete evidence of the alleged crime.

What will happen to Ginger if he is taken from his community? Without evidence, Ginger deserve to stay here with all of us, his home for many years.

Save our community cat, save Ginger's life and if you are one of our neighbours, if you love cats and animals, sign this petition and share this link. We need 35K signatures by 28 September 2018. His life is in our hands now. Thank you.