Inspire Ellen DeGeneres to STOP Selling Animal Parts! Cruelty is NEVER in fashion.

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Inspire Ellen DeGeneres to STOP Selling Animal Parts! Cruelty is NEVER in fashion.

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Jackie Day started this petition to Ellen DeGeneres

I adored Ellen SO very much. I loved her energy, wit, strong will, and compassionate words and deeds.  So much so, that when others questioned her intentions, I made excuses for her left and right. When a My Vegan Journal reader asked how could I support Ellen when she ate eggs from her neighbor while claiming to be vegan, I reasoned, "Surely, they must be from rescued chickens." Or "Maybe she just hit a little temporary bump on the vegan road?" I thought we should give her some slack.

Another My Vegan Journal reader wrote to me outraged that I highlighted Ellen's work on behalf of animal welfare, while Ellen simultaneously made the big bucks as a representative for Cover Girl, a company notorious for its cruel and antiquated animal experiments that are being phased out in so many countries. "Surely there must be something in her contract that puts an end to animal experimentation at Cover Girl at some point in time," I quietly assumed, or "Surely, she accepted the high paying gig just so she could work from inside the cosmetic industry, ending the horrific suffering of animals." My heart was certain she was just doing "good work" for the animals behind the scenes. I thought we should give her some time.

Well, I cut her some slack, and I gave her some time, only to find that she's now cashing in on killing cows and abusing sheep with her new clothing line that includes leather shoes, and woolen sweaters and scarves. And here's why that really bugs:

Leather and Wool: 

When people use animals for shoes, they're not just being "resourceful."  The leather doesn't only come from the "leftovers" that would  normally be disposed of after flesh is torn off for meat.  Most leather comes from developing countries, many of which have no animal welfare laws, and if they do, they're often not enforced. Do you really know how that leather got to your feet? When is the last time you (or Ellen) went to China or India to see how it's produced? Do you even know what animal its torn from?  Leather is often not even labeled. Did you know some shoes are even made from kangaroos? If you want to see how leather is made, here's a video you can watch. I can't make it past the first 5 seconds. Animals used for wool face a similar pattern of abuse, as workers are generally paid by volume, not by the hour. The faster you shave with those razor sharp shears, the more money you make. As you can imagine, that doesn't bode well for the sheep.

 We Don't Need Animal Products for Clothing: 

We don't need leather shoes, woolen scarves or cashmere sweaters, nor $895 cashmere drawstring sweat pants (I'm not making this up - that's the price). Old news, right? Who doesn't know that already? There are so many cruelty free clothing alternatives these days; far too many to list on this call to action. Just go to the store, or shop online, and you will find them by the truckload! Cruelty is never in fashion.

Abuse Accelerator: 

Ellen isn't just wearing animals, she's promoting the death and sale of their body parts to the masses, tweeting to her 47.4 million twitter followers, encouraging them to ALL go out and buy animal skins, “I’m so excited to showcase my lifestyle brand, ED, at Bergdorf Goodman during Fashion Week." But that wasn't enough. Ellen, or more likely whoever does her dirty work, got Madonna, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Pharrell Williams, Ashton Kutcher, Neil Patrick Harris, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande and Kerry Washington to tweet to millions more. Because, you know, Ellen wants millions and  MILLIONS to wear dead animals.  And yes, in case you're wondering, Bergdorf sells all sorts of dead animals to fur "wearers" - I'm being polite here. Check out their gruesome selection here. Dead coyotes, baby lambs, foxes, mink, you name it, they've got it. Even a rabbit fur pom pom scarf, because everyone needs to wear a dead rabbit around their neck, right? Despite all of the compassionate companies that exist today, that A-list Ellen could have partnered with, she chose this one. Bergdorf Goodman. What a nice gal.

Affluence in a Time of Need: 

Lastly, there's just something vile about encouraging someone to buy a "fisherman" scarf that not only perpetuates the tradition of folks hooking and killing fish, AND is made from animal fur, but also asks them to fork over almost 1.5K for it.  Yes, a scarf. At $1,425.00.  While I have no problem with folks spending their hard earned money on the things or experiences that they enjoy, this just makes me a little bit depressed. Has Ellen watched the news lately? It's a sad world right now. If someone has an extra $1,425.00 laying around, why not use your clout to encourage people to donate that money to people (or animals) in need? Kids don't have shoes on their feet, people don't have roofs over their heads, and many have no food on the table, or even a table for that matter. Again, it's ok to live well and splurge once in a while, but there's something that just stinks about this type of consumerism.  I can't help it. It hurts my heart.


PLEASE: Stop selling the skin and fur of animals. There are so many compassionate alternatives.  Cruelty is never in fashion.

PLEASE: Make the connection. There was a time when you knew how. 

Here she is: The compassionate Ellen Degeneres.

Please sign this petition if you'd like Ellen DeGeneres to STOP selling animal skins and fur. Let's tell her how we we feel, loud and clear!  Thank you!


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