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Petition to improve current fencing stability and safety standards along the cliffs on Del Playa Drive in Isla Vista, CA


“Fence Isla Vista” aims at better protecting Isla Vista residents and visitors by improving current fencing safety standards along the cliffs on Del Playa. Far too many people have been seriously injured or killed due to improper fencing standards, especially within the last school year alone. Del Playa Drive rests on 90-foot cliffs, which paired with a college community has left its residents and visitors vulnerable to an increased risk of accidents and tragedy. Unfortunately, these cliff related tragedies have become a frequent occurrence within the community. While enforcing the current standard height of 3.5 feet along the ocean-side of Del Playa Drive is a step in the right direction, ensuring fence stability is of high importance as well. By signing this petition, you will be supporting increased fence stability and safety standards along the cliffs on Del Playa Drive, and therefore increase the safety of Isla Visa residents and visitors. 

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  • Santa Barbara County Representatives

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