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Petition to have JAMES PALMER TURNER of Pine Knoll Shores, NC Arrested and Prosecuted for Felony Voter Fraud

On or about November 2nd JAMES PALMER TURNER - A DEMOCRAT, OF COURSE- of Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina, county of Carteret, PUBLICLY posted on Facebook a confession of five counts of Felony Voter Fraud in Carteret County and also posted that he plans on doing it again November 6th at Pine Knoll Shores voter precincts. He is a resident of PKS. At present over one million persons have seen his Facebook posts about his voter fraud activities.


Further, Mr. Turner also posted that he is a Voter Registration official in Carteret County and one can only imagine the "instructions" Mr. Turner gives new registrants.

We, the undersigned hereby challenge ALL EARLY VOTING RESULTS in Carteret County due confessed Felony Voter Fraud in those precincts as explained to us by Mr. Turner's own words. He alleges that he has voted "once in Beaufort, once in Henderson and twice in Emerald Isle."

We have screenshots of his Facebook posts which verify to a moral certainty that our petition is 100% factual.

Others have already contacted the FBI's North Carolina Field Office and the Pine Knoll Shores Police Department. Here is a blog, one of hundreds popping up on the internet about Mr. Turner's fraudulent registration efforts and felony voter fraud antics.


Our petition is also being sent to local and state news outlets, the NC Attorney General, and the NC Board of Elections.


We demand that this man be arrested at once and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 


The Undersigned Petitioners

This petition was delivered to:
  • North Carolina State Board of Elections and North Carolina Attorney General
  • North Carolina State Board of Elections
  • Carteret County Board of Elections
    Bill Henderson, Chairman
  • Carteret County Board of Elections
    Elizabeth Ritchey
  • Carteret County Board of Elections
    Carteret County Board of Elections
  • Carteret County Board of Elections
    Sharon Lewis

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