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Petition to Fire Meteorologist JENNIFER DELGADO from The Weather Channel.

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The Weather Channel’s Meteorologist Jennifer Delgado must be fired for her false and insulting televised remarks about Haitian children and her subsequent apathetic response to a collective international demand for an apology and a retract of her derogatory claim.

During a weather broadcast of Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola on October 4th, 2016, Jennifer Delgado showed a satellite image of Haiti to point out Its deforested area. She was explaining what caused such deforestation when she made the asinine claim that Haitian children eat trees. “That's because this whole area has been essentially deforested. They take all the trees down, they burn the trees,” Jennifer said. She even went one step further to say that “Even the kids there, they're so hungry, they actually eat the trees". What she said is not only extremely slanderous, but is also extremely dehumanizing of the 15 million Haitians around the world. Instead of apologizing and retracting her lie, she insinuated on national television that what she said is true and did not in any way express remorse. Both Haitians and non-Haitians are outraged by her insult. Haitians all around the world are extremely upset and offended by her disrespect and indifference.

Delgado had began her response by saying that she wanted to address a statement that was “found” to be inappropriate, that she wanted to “highlight this incredibly terrible situation....” and apologizes for “any” statement that “may have offended.” Haitians do not eat trees, and her claim is offensive and inappropriate. It is very clear from her measly 25 second long address that she has no regard for the impact of her false reports on a national and international levels. Jennifer Delgado has proven to be unprofessional, remorseless, perfidious, and very ignorant. To top it off, after giving her apathetic “apology,” she callously exclaimed to the camera, “Now, onto the big story.”

This is unacceptable! She has a responsibility as a public figure and anchor to only report factual, relevant information on the network. Jennifer Delgado did not only lie, but also used offensive language and displayed offensive conduct! She should not be allowed to be the face of a credible network as The Weather Channel. When a person makes an uninformed comment, they must then apologize and correct themselves. Her insouciance will only perpetuate ignorance through a large, public and influential platform. Because of her irresponsibility many people have been hurt and many young Haitian children will continually be stigmatized and bullied. Jennifer Delgado has not proven her credibility, professionalism, competence, trustworthiness, compassion or knowledge during and after her weather broadcast on Haiti. Her apology note posted on her Facebook page was a complete disaster after she got hammered and blasted by resentful people around the world for her outrageous and insensitive remarks. Delgado is in violation of ethical standards for journalism and her employer’s established rules and policies for employees. Jennifer Delgado was not being objective and she did not use any factual or statistical data to make her claims about Haitian children during her weather forecast. Instead of resorting to boycotting the Weather Channel, risking the company losing millions of dollars in sponsorship and advertisement, we demand that Jennifer Delgado be terminated from her position for her deplorable behavior.






UPDATE: This petition has been updated from its original version to reflect broad views and ideas of other supporters, but Its goal has not been changed.


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