PETITION TO DENMARK: Bestiality is Very Dangerous to Public Health due to Zoonotic diseases

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PETITION TO DENMARK: Bestiality is Very Dangerous to Public Health due to Zoonotic diseases

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Louis Terrance started this petition to Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Mr Henrik Høegh and

Your Honor:

EBOLA may even be transmitted by means of bestiality sex. Be mindful Ebola stays in sperm for 9 months even after recovery. Animals are known to carry Ebola and can be transmitted to humans by means of bestiality sex as well.

Bestiality is dangerous to society verified by FBI reports promoting violent crime, rape and murder.  Also spreads diseases:

Bestiality is dangerous to society verified by FBI reports promoting violent crime, rape and murder. Also spreads diseases Men who had sex with animals in their lifetime were twice as likely to develop cancer of the penis as others. "A team of urologists from centers around Brazil co-authored the paper, which looked at risk factors for penile cancer in men who had visited 16 urology and oncology centers in 12 Brazilian cities." Men who had sex with animals also reported a higher incidence of sexually transmitted diseases." (Animals often carry STDs communicable to humans).


FBI Study of murderers who rape and mutilate-linked with bestiality.

-"In the murderer sample, those offenders were more likely to have the paraphilia of zoophilia (i.e., bestiality) and to begin to experience rape fatasies..."the ultimate expression of his perversion is in the mutilation of the victim." Ressler, R.K.,  "Murderers Who Rape and Mutilate," JOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE, September 1986, page 89.

--The FBI found high rates of sexual assault of animals in the backgrounds of serial sexual homicide perpetrators. (Ressler, R.K. (1988). Sexual homicide: Patterns and Motives. Lexington, Mass.: Lexington Books.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition (American Psychiatric Association, 1994) classifies bestiality among the paraphilic disorders - deviant, forms of sexual gratification.

American Psychiatric Association (1994). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, Fourth edition. Washington, DC:Author.

The FBI says serial sexual homicide perpetrators commonly sexually assault animals.

Alavarez, W. & Freinhar, J. (1991). A prevalence study of bestiality (zoophilia) in psychiatric in-patients. International Journal of Psychosomatics, 38, 45-57.

Dr Vizard commented: "It's pretty revolting and no one really wants to talk about it; but cruelty to animals, if accompanied by a sexual interest in animals, is a high-risk indicator of a future sex offender."

"The chain of cruelty". BBC News. 9 May 2000.

Bestiality linked to ritual murder/ritual serial killing:

Luka Magnotta was recently arrested charged with human snuff, murder, cannibalism including sex with the corpse (also sending human remains to Canadian law makers). It started off suffocating kittens December 2011 placing them in a sealed plastic bag and vacuuming the air out as a youtube video while playing a John Lennon "So this is Christmas" on the back ground. He later had sex with the suffocated kittens. He graduated to human. 

"Malignant Sex and Aggression: An overview of Serial Sexual Homicide (Wade C. Myers, MD., Lawrence Reccoppa, MD., Karen Burton, M.d., and Ross McElroy, MD, Am Acad Psychaitry Law, Vol. 21, No. 4, 1993), that victims of violent homicide subjected to bestiality prior to murdering them.

Zoonotic diseases brought to the human race due to bestiality: 

Most people don’t realize that genital chlamydia, gonorrhea, even “trich” (trichomoniasis flagellate infection) originated from livestock. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are often seen with cows. With a country that legalizes bestiality, it does not come as a surprise unusually high numbers of people are infected with these livestock diseases. Denmark, Sweden indeed have high rates of venereal disease infections. (Research paper provided bottom paragraphs).

Please create a law to define bestiality as obscene to include its pornography as an intervention to prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases (including introducing new diseases) to the human population. (Exception: Standard and acceptable veterinarian and farming practices.)

With routine use of antibiotics as a growth stimulant and keeping farm animals alive in their own filth, it is more likely bacterial sexually transmitted diseases are also antibiotic resistant and can pass to humans through bestiality intercourse. Please note animals also have all kinds of unknown viruses harmless to them, but lethal to humans. For example, HIV originated from chimpanzees; herpes B which causes deadly brain meningitis, came from monkeys, which shows no symptoms in these animals-but deadly to humans. Humans can also get Brucellosis, Leptospirosis, Q Fever, etc. In fact, gonorrhea has become a superbug resistant to antibiotic treatment. Spread of multidrug-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae is a major public health concern. (Currently there is a superbug gonorrhea that no antibiotic can cure.)

Therefore, bestiality should be banned as a public health issue to prevent the spread of epidemics and plagues not just in one Country, but the Globe.

Bestiality and child pornography often linked:

Bestiality including such porn is often tied with child pornography. If you do an internet search with the words child porn and bestiality, you can see for yourself how common this link is with such related arrests. Even teenagers are accessing, downloading, and sharing bestiality materials with peer-to-peer software Contributing To The Delinquency Of Minors--is not part of free speech, but pandering obscenity and making society more dangerous.

Bestiality is animal cruelty. Since animals can’t talk, they can’t give consent and therefore are raped–sometimes injured and assaulted, even killed, due to human sado-masochistic humans--and they very very rarely get reported since animals have no legal rights.

Here is a news report (1) bestiality and child porn linked; (2) many reported cases of animal mutilation and killings from bestiality, which represents a very tiny fraction of actual incidences:

Pettersson, Carin, "Animal sex is not illegal in Sweden, and every year between 200 and 300 pets are injured because of sexual assaults." NETTAVISEN 2 News. 26 January 2004.

QUOTE: "Animal sex is not illegal in Sweden, and every year between 200 and 300 pets are injured because of sexual assaults. The estimate was presented by Svenska Veterinärforbundet, the Swedish veterinary organization, and it is now trying to make the authorities and the public more aware of animals’ suffering. The organization claim the problem has increased during the last couple of years, even if most people are unaware of it. “We have seen an increase since 1999 when child pornography became illegal,” said Johan Beck-Friis. “It appears, in other words, as there are some people who have replaced children with animals. In both circumstances, it is sex with defenceless individuals.” The injuries inflicted on animals after sexual assaults are of the same character of those children get. Beck-Friis said that the most common injuries are wounds on the sex organs and blisters.

Animal porn
The fact that animal sex is becoming an increasing problem can be indicated by the mere fact that there is an increasing selection of animal porn at video rentals and there an increasingly number of websites with animal pornography is surfacing.

No one knows for sure how many animals that are abused, but a British study from 2001 indicates that every 20th dog or cat that receives treatment at veterinaries, the injuries are not a result of a direct accident, but the animal has been inflicted the injury as a result of a sexual assault.

According to the Swedish paper Expressen, if the same estimate can be used in Sweden that will indicate that 200 to 300 dogs and cats every year are injured as a result of sexual assaults." UNQUOTE.

I must stress these are only known reported cases, which is most likely less than 1% of what is actually going on out there--animals tortured and snuffed after being raped, is most likely astronomical, or simply not treated and left to die in agony due to internal bleeding.

*BESTIALITY is viewed as loathsome and disgusting to most Countries: This represents your Country and is bad for International relations and reputation.*

IceNews, "Denmark leads the way for animal bordellos in Scandinavia," 29 July 2008.

Quote: "Animal sex brothels are big business in Denmark. "Scandinavians with a penchant for sex with animals can find plenty of options right in their own backyard. There are no prohibitions on this sexual inclination in Denmark or Norway..The animal owners boast that their animals have plenty of experience, and even enjoy the sex. The cost for having sex with an animal runs from US$85-170." UNQUOTE.

It makes me wonder how animals can "enjoy it" when they can't even talk or protest they are getting raped, and there is no way to supervise the “humane treatment” when the animal is getting sexually assaulted behind closed doors. Some people get sexually excited with torture. If the animal gets tortured and killed (often agonizing), the owner will just get another.

With a country that legalizes bestiality, it does not come as a surprise the unusually high qualitites infected with these bestiality diseases. Denmark, Sweden indeed have high rates of venereal disease infections.

Faber MT, Nielsen A, Nygård M, Sparén P, Tryggvadottir L, Hansen BT, Liaw KL, Kjaer SK, "Genital chlamydia, genital herpes, Trichomonas vaginalis and gonorrhea prevalence, and risk factors among nearly 70,000 randomly selected women in 4 Nordic countries," NCBI, Department of Viruses, Hormones and Cancer, Institute of Epidemiology, Danish Cancer Society, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2011 August.



The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of women reporting ever having genital chlamydia, genital herpes, Trichomonas vaginalis, and gonorrhea, and to identify factors associated with each of these sexually transmitted infections (STIs).   METHODS:

The study was based on a large cross-sectional survey conducted in 2004-2005 among randomly sampled women (18-45 years) from the computerized population registries in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. A total of 69,567 women were included in the study.


Genital chlamydia occurs frequently among women in the Nordic countries. Risk-taking behavior, particularly sexual behavior, is strongly associated with STIs, which suggest that further information is needed about STIs and their consequences, targeting high-risk groups.." 

Needless to say resistant sexually transmitted diseases are sharply on the rise, and antibiotic resistant gonorrhea has been shown in farm animals as far back as the 1970's-the same time gonorrhea became resistant in humans: 

Now that we have established humans do indeed sometimes have sex with animals, I wish to present there is evidence of growing antibiotic resistant gonorrhea in cows. This article illustrates this profoundly even back in 1978 (Canadian Veterinary Journal, May 1978) Barnum, D.A., and Panangala, V.S., "Antibiotic Resistance Patterns of Organisms Isolated from Cervico-vaginal Muscus of Cows," The Canadian Veterinary Journal, 1978 May; 19(5): 113–118.

Also see

QUOTE:  "Neisseria, Branhamella, Acinetobacter and Pasteurella species: The two isolates representing the genus Neisseria [as in Neisseria gonorrhea] were resistant to lincomycin and methicillin...Antibacterial agents are widely used in chemotherapy of infections of the bovine female reproductive tract. The evaluation of results of treatment with chemotherapeutic agents in genital tract infections has been and will continue to be singularly difficult. The association ofepisome mediated transfer of drug resistance among certain bacterial strains (9, 16) and emergence of resistant mutants (8) presents a constantly changing pattern in susceptibility of organisms to the broad spectrum of antibiotics that are presently in use. Under most clinical situations, emperic treatment is instituted without recourse to microbiological laboratory investigation." Unquote.

And humans engaging with sex with such infected animals will catch what they have and spread it to their human lovers, wives or husbands. 

Thank you for your time and caring for your People and public health of the Globe. 



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This petition had 77,316 supporters