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Petition to Decorporatize Federal Elections

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Both Democratic and Republican parties and all three branches of Federal government have been mostly captured by corporate special interests with aggressive antisocial intentions toward normal working Americans. The national election process is corrupt and installs officeholders with quid pro quo relationshps to corporate interests.  

To decorporatize elections, we need you to institute: a) public-only campaign financing with legally defined candidate budgets and volunteer-only signature qualification drives (no opt-in or -out; no donations by individuals, unions or legally incorporated organizations of any kind); b) regulate candidate-specific media content so each candidate receives the same media resources and outlaw candidate-specific broadcast media purchases by any private individual, union or any kind of legally incorporated organization; c) require paper ballots and hand counting only; make election day a national holiday; and impose a $20 fine for legally eligible voters who fail in their responsibility to vote, with exceptions for extenuating circumstances (birth, injury, etc.) and conscientious objection (choosing to not vote); and d) delegate the votes in the Electoral College by district rather than by state, as Nebraska and Maine already do, in order to allow more accurate representation of the popular vote and to enable third parties to acquire electoral votes.

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