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Petition to Challenge the Trademarked term, [Soap Loaf]: Cancel the registration of the Trademark Soap Loaf

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UPDATE: I am pleased to report that Ms Netti of Petunia Farms has submitted a "Surrender of Registration for Cancellation" for the trademark [Soap Loaf] dated October 1, 2013 and has released this statement as an Open Letter on her website: 

"When I received my trademark for the term, Soap Loaf  it was not with the intention to upset or harm the business of any other soap maker or manufacturer. I have therefore decided to surrender the trademark for "Soap Loaf " but of course will continue to create my much-loved line for all my loyal customers and do

Thank you for your business and continued support.

JoAnn Netti"


Ms Netti's surrender of the Trademark "Soap Loaf", reflects great credit upon herself and shows exemplary strength of character. In so doing, her gracious Open Letter is well taken by all and we wish her the best of success in the future. For anyone who needs a copy of the legal document in order to regain good standing with their respective eCommerce platforms, you can contact Joann directly. Alternatively, I would be happy to forward the document to you. 


Thank you!

Bonnie Garrity

Good Earth Spa



In the soap and cosmetics industry, a Soap Loaf or Loaf of Soap or Soap Loaves refers to an uncut block of soap, which is then cut into standard bars which is so defined on several published websites such as:
among many...

The term is not brand specific and is a general term. However, JoAnn Netti of Petunia Farms received a Trademark #85708801 for the term [Soap Loaf] on 08-21-2012 and has since been flagging listings both in the soap and cosmetics industry as well as the craft supplies industry which she has no right. 

A trademark is supposed to be for words that are brand specific. Trademarking the term Soap Loaf would be like allowing Nike to trademark the word Shoe or Left Shoe. Soap Loaf is a clear example of a generic trademark. Perhaps it slipped through the cracks? In any case, it needs to be fixed.

The reason for this petition is to rally for public support among people who accept the term [Soap Loaf/SOAP LOAF/soap loaf] as a general and non brand specific term.

I have sales records from my soap business, Good Earth Spa that predate the copyright date by more than a year, proving first use. I do NOT seek to aquire this trademark. I seek to have it removed in order to allow all soapmakers use of this generic term, as we have always been able to use before. If you are a customer who purchases soap loaves from any manufacturer or are in fact a manufacturer yourself, please sign this petition to show your support that the term [Soap Loaf] is common vernacular and a generic and not a brand specific term.

I am petitioning the USPTO and challenging the copyright/trademark of the term [Soap Loaf]. I have evidence that predates the copyright date that I am submitting myself. 

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