Petition to call on congress to hold a special convention and modify the US Constitution

Petition to call on congress to hold a special convention and modify the US Constitution

July 5, 2022
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Started by Gary Sather

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Petition to Congress in hopes under article v of the US Constitution, Congress to call a national convention to propose amendments outlined in the attached paper titled “bill of equality and current events”.   This is similar to the famous bill of rights adding amendments to the US constitution only addressing some of todays more pressing matters.  Please read the attached bill and sign this petition letting government know that ENOUGH is enough and it’s time to make changes.  Enough signatures and we can make congress call a national convention and vote these amendments in to the constitution solidifying an end to discrimination and other items in the bill.  Sign it.   Share it.    Get it to your states representatives.   Tag them.  Email them.  Get it out.  To make changes WE need to make the changes happen. To those who say various articles would “cost too much”, pay close attention to article 6, as it alone shall add billions in taxable sales and licensing and the equivalent of trillions of dollars to our economy, a plethora of new skilled and non skilled jobs and should more than single handedly fund any and all related ventures that arise from this bill.   

Bill of Equality and Current Events. 


Article 1 all persons have the right to not be discriminated against based on race, sex, lgbtq, sexual preference, gender identity, disability, minority group, poverty level or religious belief.  This shall include equal opportunity and pay in the workplace.  Prejudice has no place in our country.  


Article 2 all persons have the right to make medical decisions regarding care of their own body including any unborn fetus.  This includes abortion related decisions regardless of circumstances. No persons shall otherwise impede in an individuals right to decide what to do regarding their own bodily health with exception to preventing preventable pandemic level diseases and approved vaccines.   We acknowledge that preserving herd immunity is of great importance.   Pandemics ruin economy. 


Article 3 all persons have the right to universal healthcare regardless of income, work history or poverty level.  This includes but not limited to medical, dental, vision and mental health.  This does not include non medical essential cosmetic surgery or services not related to an injury or disease. Healthy individuals make a healthy country.  


Article 4 all persons over the age of 21 (18 if having been or are active duty military) AND having passed a criminal background check with no felonies in the past 10 years AND never convicted of felony murder or assault AND no domestic battery convictions AND having passed a mental health evaluation AND further mental health evaluations every 5 years, and carrying liability insurance, have the right to keep and bare arms AGREEING to be responsible for adequately storing EVERY fire arm in a safe when not in use or open/concealed carry.   


Article 5 all persons shall have the right to marry any other person of legal age regardless of gender or gender identity of persons involved.  Happy families come in infinite variations and encourage a countries stability. 


Article 6 cannabis shall henceforth be legal to distribute and consume for recreational purposes for persons over the age of 18. It just makes sense to standardize industry and taxation.  A standard federal tax rate can go toward funding all aspects of this entire bill.  


Article 7 all persons shall be compensated at or above poverty level for full time single income employment defined as 32 hours or more in a work week.  This includes income consistent with area average cost of living and inflation. No one working a full time job should be making poverty wages.


Article 8 all employers employing 5 or more individuals shall provide 8 paid vacation or personal  hours for every 80 hours worked and make no prejudice to employees who redeem these days for any reason.   It is the right of workers to use their hard earned time off.  Happy workers promote strong, healthy infrastructure in our economy. 


Article 9 all persons receiving social security or social security disability are entitled to no less than two times poverty level compensation.  Our sick and elderly deserve livable means.  


Article 10  all persons shall be free from persecution for outing any level of corruption or gross injustice learned through employment or opportunity.  This does not protect from treason regarding selling information to foreign governments.   We shall not prosecute those that reveal wrong doings. In fact whistle blowers should be entitled to a standard location to submit information for review. 


Article 11  all persons have a right to higher education and trade schooling at no cost.   All student educational debt should be forgiven.  An educated work force promotes higher economic growth. 


Article 12  the housing market should be regulated so that an average 2 bedroom home or apartment should be affordable on a single full time income and increase accordingly for every additional bedroom.  Individuals and families deserve the right to live decently on a single household income. 


ETC. These articles should be adopted as amendments in the US constitution.   These articles are not to be modified and must be adopted as a whole package.  


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Signatures: 45Next Goal: 50
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