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Factory farms are places where thousands of animals are killed each year, never seeing the natural world. These places are diseased, overcrowded and terrifying for animals. Animals are fed on growth hormones to the point where they cannot even stand, the females are almost always pregnant and even the babies are slaughtered mercilessely. The animals are kept in terrible conditions and the killing process is often drawn out, causing much suffering for the animals. Please sign this petition and help end this horrific slaughter.

Letter to
British Government Caroline Spelman
Dear Madam,

I and many thousands of people object to intensive factory farming. These places breach many animal rights laws, leaving animals in agonizing pain until they are slaughtered. We are asking you to ban intensive factory farming in th UK.

Fcatory farms are huge, disease ridden places that are a huge health risk to both humans and animals. Animals are fed growth hormones until they can barely stand, they are castrated without the use of anesthetics and are kept in cages no bigger than their own bodies. Factory farms produce huge amounts of waste also. The only times animals see the outside is on the way to slaughter.

Please end this horrific slaughter and help save millions of defencless animals and help protect the environment. I know you care about animals and the environment and will use your position on the government to change this country for the better.

Thank You

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