Petition to ALLOW ENTRY of Foreign Natural-Born Filipinos to the PHILIPPINES

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TO: Office of the President of the Philippines, Bureau of Immigration & IATF-EID

SUBJECT:  ALLOW ENTRY OF Foreign NATURAL-BORN FILIPINOS and qualified foreign nationals to the PHILIPPINES.

What: PETITION TO RECONSIDER to include a limited number of FOREIGN NATIONALS to commercial flights entering the PHILIPPINES.

This PETITION is directed to the aforementioned offices, in a plea to hear our call and re-consider the decision the Philippine Bureau of Immigration in their plan to restrict entry of All Foreign Nationals until further notice even after the easing up of restriction in NCR from ECQ to GCQ on June 1, 2020.

Condition: Subject to approved limited numbers of passengers and follow the health protocols in entering the country. Will subject to PCR testing and all other protocols required by the Philippine government upon entry.

Qualification of Foreign Nationals, aside from those spouses of Philippine citizens will be those who are (Suggestion)

1. Natural-Born Filipinos who acquired foreign citizenships through naturalization who want to come home to their families or are already settled in the Philippines.

2. Foreign Nationals who have permanent residency, have families/properties/businesses in the Philippines.

Why: Because natural-born Filipinos who want to come home to their families and qualified foreign nationals legally residing/retired in the Philippines, like everyone else have the right to come home to their families amidst this pandemic. If the Phlippines allow foreign spouses of Philippine nationals, the natural-born Filipinos are much more of a filipino than them, by blood and birth. We just want to come home and be with our FAMILIES.

HUMANITY should be paramount in these trying times.