Petitioning Proscurator Fiscal, Lothian & Borders Police Force

Petition the Proscurator Fiscal, Lothian & Borders Police Force: To Drop charges of possesing class A firearms

Support Adam "BRAVEHEART" Watters

We are Petitioning to get possession of a Class A firearms charges against Adam Watters, from Prestonpans dropped.

Adam Watters is well known as 'Braveheart' on the Royal Mile. He has not only had his guns removed, he has been charged with possession of class A firearms, it is actually a cap gun which can't fire. Adam teaches Jacobites as part of a valuable history lesson around the schools in Edinburgh and East Lothian, because of the charge, Adam can’t teach. Kids and Adam are distraught.
I think it is time we made a stand against stupid bullying tactics by Lothian & Borders Police. If Adam has inadvertently broken any laws, is there a need to charge him as some sort of gun wielding criminal?!/PansPeopleFreedomForum


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  • Proscurator Fiscal, Lothian & Borders Police Force

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