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AFL-CIO Listen To Your Members Next Time.

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The AFL-CIO DID NOT MAKE an official endorsement announcement OF BERNIE SANDERS. This petition was originally to convince them that they should endorse Bernie, but now it remains to show them that they were wrong to endorse HILLARY CLINTON.. Many union members ended up swapping their votes's to trump... or some didn't even vote at all.

This Endorsement by Organized Labor could HAVE BEEN the tie breaker in what was a very close Nomination Race.

If Bernie Sanders HAD GOTTEN the Endorsement, the AFL-CIO WOULD HAVE pourED considerable resources into him and it would HAVE GONE a long way towards reversing the endorsements for Clinton that have already occurred inside Labor AND PERHAPS COUNTERED TRUMPS INFLUENCE OVER THE WORKING PEOPLE OF THIS NATION.

If Union Affiliated, Please leave your Union Name and Number in the comments section when you sign.

If not Union Affiliated, Please sign anyways, Labor stands together!


Who is the AFL-CIO you ask? The AFL-CIO, was created in 1955 by the merger of the AFL and the CIO, is a democratic, voluntary federation of 56 national and international labor unions that represent 12.5 million working people. They are teachers and miners, firefighters and farm workers, bakers and engineers, pilots and public employees, doctors and nurses, ironworkers, electricians, stagehands, painters and plumbers—and more, including 3.2 Million members of our community affiliate Working America, which represents people who do not have a union at work. They have partnerships with groups of people whose work usually does not have the protection of many labor laws and who often are mistreated on the job, including taxi workers, carwash workers in Los Angeles, guest workers, nannies, housekeepers and in-home caretakers.

Bolded and italicized letters in the body of paragraphs are edits from after the general election.

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